The terrapus, (Plural: Terrapi) is the most common aggressive mob in Deepworld. There are 5 variation of them, but all resemble an octopus that is crawling.

  • Acid Terrapus
  • Ice Terrapus
  • Skeleton Terrapus
  • Small Terrapus
  • Normal Terrapus

Baby TerrapusEdit

The second common type of terrapus near the surface. It doesn't shoot, but hurts you on contact.

Normal Terrapus Edit

This is the most common shooting type of terrapus that spawns.They shoot out a ball of an inky black substance.

They are deep-red color and they can climb up walls.

Fire TerrapusEdit

These are one of the deadlier types of terrapus. Although their name would suggest that they are found near Lava, they are not and can be found anywhere. Usually after you have just used a fire based weapon. In addition to all of this they are immune to fire based weapons, like the Flamethrower.

Acid TerrapusEdit

This is the rarest type of terrapus that can be found in normal worlds. It, as its name suggests, is like the fire terrapus but is acid based. They are immune to Acid Cannons.

Skeleton TerrapusEdit

These are the undead horrors of the Hell Biome. They shoot a ball of bones and can only be killed (again) by a pistol, musket, or flamethrower.

Ice TerrapusEdit

Every biome has its native Terrapus and the Ice Biomes is the Ice Terrapus. They shoot a ball of ice and are not very dangerous. They are immune to the frost cannon but can be killed with anything else.

Pet TerrapusEdit

A pet terrapus is a rare loot from a red chest. This terrapus is different from all other terrapi, it does not despawn and does not attack you. It can, however, be killed if it takes enough damage.


  • Terrapus do not follow the explorer.
  • They can go up walls but tend to go over one meter wide holes.
  • There are only three weapons that no type of Terrapus is immune to: The Fine/Normal Sledgehammer, The Musket/Pistol, and the Energy Pistol/Cannon
  • Their name consists of terra ( Latin for earth ) and octopus, giving them the literal name of 'earth octopus' .