Arctic World

Basic Info Edit

The Arctic Biome (also known as Arctic Worlds) is one of the three types of biomes. Arctic Worlds are born purified and have no machines to be discovered (such as a Purifier and Composter). It does snow in place of rain, but it does not cause any effects.


There are only three dangers in an arctic world: 1. Ice terrapi 2. Brains 3. Cold

The only specific danger is the danger of hypothermia. This occurs when you have not reset your warmth. This can be done by either dying OR by tapping a fireplace, brazier, etc. The only other way of not freezing is to upgrade your survival skill to level 4+.

Benefits Edit

The Arctic Biome has three main reasons to be visited. One is the possibility of meeting rabbits which can be killed for their fur using a gun. The other perk is the recent implementation of diamonds. These are uncommonly found deep in the ground and usually require level 4+ survival. With the introduction of mushrooms, arctic world got another reason to be visited. Semi-rare arctic mushrooms are found here.