Deepworld includes many types of blocks, like earth, dirt, stone, brass, wood, wallpaper, and MUCH MUCH more; there are too many to list on this page.

What are blocks used for? You can place blocks down in anywhere near your character. With this ability, you can make amazing creations such as houses, mansions, and anything you can imagine! To obtain different blocks, simply mine them with a pickaxe or craft them using the Craft tab in the menu. Any player can mine a block, unless they're in the range of a Protector (edit protector link here).

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Earth is an extremely common block that makes up almost the entire surface of a world. It's also the only block that can be shoveled through, but will regenerate 10 seconds after being shoveled.

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There are many types of wood blocks. Some blocks require x1 wood, while others may use x1 wood to make 3 wood blocks. Many wood blocks can be find (bottom), but some blocks can only be crafted (top).

Craft: x1 Wood (top), x1 Wood *makes 3 wood blocks* (bottom)

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Marble is rare to be found, but is quite easy to craft if there is a decent amount of marble ore. 

Craft: x1 Marble Ore *makes 3 marble blocks* 

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Stone is hardly rare at all considering that it is one of the most basic building materials. 

Craft: x1 Stone *makes 3 stone blocks*

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Only found on top of abandoned buildings. 

Craft: x1 Wood + 1x Pitch

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Rare to find, common to craft.

Craft: x2 Copper Ore

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Rare to find, common to craft.

Craft: x1 Zinc Ore + x1 Copper Ore *makes 3 brass blocks*

Blocks should not be confused with Backgrounds.


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