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Adult Brain


7 Hearts


Energy Cannon

Brains, the most deadly monster of Deepworld. They wield an energy cannon and a force shield, defeating the most skilled players.

Location Edit

They can be found in dungeons, Brain Worlds or Biomes, and are sometimes spawned in mechanical maws. 

How to kill brainsEdit

There are many different ways to kill a brain but the most popular method seems to be the burying method. This method involves burying the brain in blocks (usually dirt) and then digging the blocks until only the head shows, doing this blocks the brain's gun and flying abilities. Whereupon by standing at the side of the brain the player can then kill the brain using their chosen weapon. WARNING: Do not stand on the brain as it can still deal melee damage.

Types of Brains Edit

Baby Brain Edit

Being the smallest and weakest brain, Baby Brains tend to stay in their homely Brain Biomes. These Brains are to weak to fly, shoot, or even fight players. They can attack on melee though. Supposedly, Baby Brains have to go through a certain amount of achievements, (won by killing players), once they have won enough achievements, they become strong enough to fly, shoot, and grow up into Adult Brains. Before that all happens though, the Brains can only crawl on the floor like a Terrapus, attack on melee, and use their weak energy shield.

Adult Brain Edit

These are the second easiest to kill and can be killed with ease using a energy pistol or cannon. They are a smaller version of the Large Brain and adult versions of the Baby Brain.

Large Brain Edit

These are again not the hardest brain to kill but they are significantly harder that the baby brain. The main reason for this is that they change shield depending on the attacking cannon. The best ways to kill them is using different weapons or bombs.

Dire Large Brain Edit

The Dire Large Brain is the ultimate 'dungeon brain' only surpassed by the Brain Lord. These are a lot harder to kill but can be killed using the same method as all other 'dungeon' types.


  • They are recommended to be taken on it teams.
  • They spawn in pandora boxes and unique ballsacks
  • They are are several times bigger than the regular sized Adult Brain


  • Brains are the the most dangerous mob in Deepworld.
  • No one knows their role in the apocalypse, though there are fan fictions about them.
  • Brain's ranged attacks come from their tentacles.
  • The Adult Brain was originally the hardest mob in Deepworld, but the creators added an update that included stronger, bigger, and faster brains. The Adult Brain became the fourth strongest mob.